Led by Chuck N., Council Vice President.

Dear Members and Friends of St. Paul:

One of the few things in this world that is predictable is that there will be change, but what is unpredictable is what the changes will be.  Here at St. Paul’s we have experienced many changes over the past year with the passing of beloved members, the growth of our service to the comunity, a revitalized Vacation Bible School, the continued evolution of our congregation and beginning our search for our next Pastor.  However, among that change, one thing is sure, the need to answer God’s call and support his church on earth with time, talent and resources.  As we begin our fall season, it is vital to look forward to the future and to commit to this on-going ministry for 2020.

To do this, we invite you to focus on the abundant life each of us has received and had the joy of participating in through St. Paul.  consider the worship, music, song, garden, education; community service through the Food Pantry and Blood Drives, and social events that support the congregation and others like our fish fry meals.  This is our church home, our community.  It is a welcoming beacon to all, following the example of the Lord.  It is also worthy of our stewardship and support.

As we believe you know, it is always a challenge to meet the ministry goals of a congregation.  Each of us needs to reflect on how we can support those goals and bring the kingdom of God closer for all.  Consider how you can share your talents, monetary and otherwise, to support the mission of St. Paul’s.

Commitment Cards are handed in the Fall. Pray over the abundant blessings provided by God for you and your family.  Please bring the completed card on Stewardship Sunday.  This will help the congregation effectively and efficiently budget for the coming year.  We thank you for your commitment to St. Paul’s, telling and living the Good News.  Help us share these abundant blessings with all.


St. Paul’s Stewardship Committee

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