The Quilting group is meeting on the third Saturday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the Mission House.

Previous projects are described below.

Action for LSSM (Samaritas)

The LSSM/Action quilt project makes quilts for homeless shelters and shelters for abused women and children. They accept fabric, 100% cotton preferred, as well as any monetary donation. They make use of nearly every square inch of fabric they get and it doesn’t have to be new!

Prayer Quilt Ministry

This chapter was organized in October 2005 and is Chapter 369 of the International Prayer Quilt Ministry. This quilting group meets with the ladies of University Lutheran Church to work on prayer quilts together. You are welcome to participate. Sewing is not a requirement – you may cut, iron blocks, put in ties or present the quilts to the recipients.

Members of both congregations can request a prayer quilt be created for someone with a health problem.  The recipients are asked what prayers they would like to receive. After the quilt is made, it is laid on a table in the narthex with a card to sign. The quilts have ties and people say a prayer, tie a square knot and sign the card. Each quilt is a tangible gift of prayer. Recipients are made aware of the power of the prayers said for them, along with the love, warmth and support the quilt provides when the quilt is presented to them as part of a short liturgy.

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