Love Cupboard

St. Paul has a Love Cupboard in our lobby/narthex.  We fill this cupboard with food and personal needs items.  People from the community who are in need are free to take items from the cupboard.  Over the last few years, the Love Cupboard was being used more often.  This realization led to the formation of the Saint Paul Food Pantry.

St. Paul Food Pantry

People requesting assistance contact the church office to schedule an appointment and volunteers from the pantry committee meet them with a supply of food and personal items. Clients often find us through our partnerships with 211 and Christian Services. We buy food in bulk from the Greater Lansing Food Bank and serve the community of East Lansing.

The first Sunday of each month is designated Pantry Collection Day at worship.  Members bring in donations of food and personal items, especially those items we cannot get from the GLFB: flour, sugar, oil, condiments, toilet paper, facial tissue, paper towel, feminine hygiene supplies, toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent, and other personal needs items.  Donations of cash are also accepted.  The committee is grateful for the generous ongoing support of the congregation and members of our community, as well as grants received.

The Pantry Committee meets on a monthly basis to ensure all volunteers are consistent in their distribution practices and they discuss ways to better serve our clients.   The pantry has an affiliation with the Mid-Michigan Food Bank.  Their computerized ordering system and low costs allow us to help more households.  More members on the committee are always welcome and would allow us to provide even better services.  Please consider joining us in this ministry.

Red Cross Blood Drives

We continue to support the American Red Cross Blood Drives by offering our location as a regular donor site. We have established that we are committed to serve our community in this important way. We continue to participate in a full schedule of six blood drives each year. All of our St. Paul drives continue to be 12:30 to 6:15 pm on the third Friday of the month. Please watch our church calendar and bulletins of the dates.

Since we began hosting Red Cross blood drives thru September 2015, we have hosted 57 drives, collecting 1290 productive pints of life saving blood. The Red Cross concludes that each pint may save three lives. This means we may have helped to save 3,870 lives.

The members of St. Paul assist at the registration table, canteen, baking refreshments and unloading and re-loading the Red Cross truck. Our labor of love is serving our community and saving lives.

As you may know, your donations can make a difference between life and death to patients in need. The people you help save and their families are so grateful for what you’ve done.  And rightfully so. Helping to save lives is about as meaningful an activity as you can do.

Frequently the blood supply is just 2 days away from running out.  And every day in the United States thousands of donations are needed. We urge you to continue giving regularly.

Has anything else you’ve done lately made you feel this good?  As a regular donor, you should feel even more special. You are a part of an elite group: the donors who give more than once in their lives – and on whom we rely the most.

Donations of all Types

Many items are collected for various causes.  These items are currently being collected:

  • Labels and box tops for education
  • Used stamps for handicapped ministry in Bielfild, Germany.
  • New and used greeting cards are used for the Prison Ministry.
  • Pop Can Tabs go our local Ronald McDonald House.
  • Computer Ink/Toner Cartridges are turned into our office supply vendor for credit towards church office supplies.
  • Clothing and Household Items are collected for Christian Services Programs.
  • Refundable Bottles and Cans – proceeds of which are used to support the church Youth Group activities.
  • Samaritis formally Action for LSSM – Items are collected throughout the year and go to the Lutheran Social Services Foster Care Program.   Items collected are t-shirts, socks, underwear, school supplies and Christmas gifts.
  • Used Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids are collected and given to the Lions of Michigan.
  • Durable Medical Equipment Closet – A variety of items are available for use.

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