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A November Update is online, along with the October/November Spirit of St. Paul.

Red Cross Blood Drive

Friday, November 16, is our next Blood Drive, from 12:30-6:15. Please sign up for an appointment in the lobby or call Jim Cramer.

Covenantal Restoration: A 12-session Film Series on Faith and Race

St. Paul is joining with Faith Lutheran Church to learn about and address issues of race within our culture

Racism and oppression have a long and painful past and present, it is an open, aching human wound that reflects a fracture in our relationship with God. Understanding how it was promoted and is still alive and acting out in the construct of our beliefs and systems and structures is the beginning of caring for this wound. In this series on faith and race, we pray God would bring you hope, renew your mind, enliven your spirit, and gift you with the virtues of the Divine’s own heart. May God strengthen your stand, inspire your movement towards God’s dream for humanity, and increase Kingdom square footage with each step you make in Love.

We will be presenting this 12-session film series throughout this coming year. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. on the 2nd Tuesday evening of each month, a film will be shown at St. Paul, and on the 4th Tuesday evening of each month, another film will be shown at Faith Lutheran. Following is a listing of the scheduled showings. Click the links for biographies of the session leaders.

10/9 – at St. Paul – SESSION 1 // A Beloved Community with Rene August
10/23 – at Faith Lutheran – SESSION 2 // Restoration of Relationship with Reggie Williams
11/13 – at St. Paul – SESSION 3 // The Idol of Whiteness with Jim Wallis
11/27 – at Faith Lutheran – SESSION 4 // Stone Catches with Bryan Stevenson
12/11 – at St. Paul – SESSION 5 // Holy Mischief with Simone Campbell
1/8 – at St. Paul – SESSION 6 // Politics of Radical Difference with Dr. R. Henderson-Espinoza
1/22 – Faith Lutheran – SESSION 7 // Refusing to be Enemies with Amal Nassar
2/12 – at St. Paul – SESSION 8 // Covenantal Restoration with Terry LeBlanc
2/26 – at Faith Lutheran – SESSION 9 // Created for Abundant Life with Llewellyn MacMaster
3/12 – at St. Paul – SESSION 10 // A Fuller Picture of God with Michael A. Mata
3/26 – at Faith Lutheran – SESSION 11 // Pulling All Things Together in Love with James Forbes
4/9 – at St. Paul – SESSION 12 // Bring Your Fullness with Rashad Robinson

Please join us at 7:30 on the second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month for this meaningful experience.

Wednesday Book Study

The Wednesday book study group is reading The Art of Loading Brush, by Wendell Berry. Pastor Julie has arranged with Schuler’s to have copies of the book available on their book group table — be sure to mention our group at checkout to receive the 20% discount. Join us at 4:30 p.m. for lively discussion.

From amazon:
Wendell Berry’s profound critique of American culture has entered its sixth decade, and in this gathering he reaches with deep devotion toward a long view of Agrarian philosophy. Mr. Berry believes that American cultural problems are nearly always aligned with their agricultural problems, and recent events have shone a terrible spotlight on the divides between our urban and rural citizens. Our communities are as endangered as our landscapes. There is, as Berry outlines, still much work to do, and our daily lives—in hope and affection—must triumph over despair.

Mr. Berry moves deftly between the real and the imagined. The Art of Loading Brush is an energetic mix of essays and stories, including “The Thought of Limits in a Prodigal Age,” which explores Agrarian ideals as they present themselves historically and as they might apply to our work today. “The Presence of Nature in the Natural World” is added here as the bookend of this developing New Agrarianism. Four stories extend the Port William story as it follows Andy Catlett throughout his life to this present moment. Andy works alongside his grandson in “The Art of Loading Brush,” one of the most moving and tender stories of the entire Port William cycle. Filled with insights and new revelations from a mind thorough in its considerations and careful in its presentations, The Art of Loading Brush is a necessary and timely collection.

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