Our Stewardship team is led by Bev Dirkin and includes Kay Meints, Rich Moe, and Pastor Julie Winklepleck. We take a seasonal approach in our planning. Currently in Easter we focus on Care for Creation.

On May 21 following our worship service we will gather in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy a fish fry and a presentation by Dr. Jeffrey Andresen. Dr. Andresen is a Professor at Michigan State University in the Geography Department, with special focus on Agricultural Meteorology and Applied Climatology. He is our State Climatologist. Dr. Andresen directs the ENVIRO-Weather program. He is a member of University Lutheran Church.

Dr. Andresen will be sharing information about climate change and its impact. He will also address how we as individuals and as a church community can make a difference. We invite you to come on May 21 for good worship, a delicious fish fry and a wonderful presentation and conversation about caring for creation.

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